NOTE: Please check the system firmware version of your camera before upgrade, If the first three sections are the same as the one you are going to upgrade, you can upgrade it safely,if they are different,please DO NOT upgrade it,Otherwise, your camera will be bricked and need send to repair!! Each package of firmware contains read me and upgrade guidance, some models contains new feature of firmware,please read them before you upgrade.
MJPEG Series
Products Model System Firmware Version WebUI Firmware Version Size Attentions Download
Plug-in for IE on MJPEG series cameras / 373KB suitable for all MJPEG series download
FI8910W FI8918W FI8916W FI8910E 2.27MB suitable for and previous versions download
FI8910W FI8918W FI8916W FI8910E 2.75MB suitable for 11.22.2.XX download
FI8910W FI8918W FI8916W FI8910E 2.27MB suitable for only download
FI8904W FI8905W FI8906W FI8905E 2.73MB suitable for 11.25.2.XX download
FI8907W FI8909W 2.24MB suitable for and previous versions download
FI8907W FI8909W 2.73MB suitable for 11.25.2.XX download
FI8907W FI8909W 2.23MB suitable for only download
FI8904W FI8905W FI8906W FI8905E 2.24MB suitable for and previous versions download
FI8919W 2.24MB suitable for and previous versions download
H.264 Series
Products Model Version Size Download
C2 V-2.x.1.11-20150929 40.4MB download
R2 V-2.x.1.11-20150929 40.4MB download
FI9900P V-2.x.1.11-20150929 40.4MB download
FI9828P V2 V-2.x.1.132-20151104 8.20MB download
C1 V-2.x.2.16-20150918 11.8MB download
FI9816P V-2.x.2.16-20150918 11.8MB download
FosBaby V-2.x.2.18-20150918 19.7MB download
FosBaby P1 V-2.x.2.18-20150918 19.7MB download
FN3004H FN3104H FN3109 V-2.3x.x.10-20150820 13.9MB download
FI9803P V2 V-2.x.2.16-20150918 11.8MB download
suitable for FI8620W Plug-in for IE 2.0MB download
FI9821W V2.1 V-2.x.2.18-20150914 19.5MB download
FI9821P v2 V-2.x.2.18-20150914 19.5MB download
FI9826P V2 V-2.x.2.18-20150914 19.5MB download
FI9831P V2 V-2.x.2.18-20150914 19.5MB download
FI9803EP V-2.x.2.18-20150914 19.5MB download
FI9803P V-2.x.2.18-20150914 19.5MB download
FI9851P V-2.x.2.18-20150914 19.5MB download
FI9853EP V-2.x.2.18-20150914 19.5MB download
FI9826P V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9826P V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9826P V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9826P V- 12.3MB download
FI9826W V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9826W V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9826W V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9826W V- 12.3MB download
FI9826W V- 16.6MB download
FI9826W V- 16.2MB download
FI9828W V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9828W V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9828W V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9828W V- 12.2M download
FI9828W V- 16.6M download
FI9821P V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9821P V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9821P V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9821P V- 12.2MB download
FI9821P V- 16.6MB download
FI9821P V- 16.3MB download
FI9821P V- 8.18MB download
FI9831W V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9831W V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9831W V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9831W V- 12.2MB download
FI9831W V- 16.6MB download
FI9831W V- 16.2MB download
FI9831W V- 8.19MB download
FI9831P V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9831P V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9831P V- 6.88MB download
FI9821W V2 V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9821W V2 V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9821W V2 V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9821W V2 V- 12.3MB download
FI9821W V2 V- 16.6MB download
FI9821W V2 V- 16.0MB download
FI9821W V2 V- 7.70MB download
FI9818W V2 V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9818W V2 V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9818W V2 V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9818W V2 V- 12.2MB download
FI9818W V2 V- 16.6MB download
FI9818W V2 V- 16.2MB download
FI9818W V2 V- 8.22MB download
FI9805W V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9805W V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9805W V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9805W V- 12.2MB download
FI9805W V- 20.4MB download
FI9805W V- 16.0MB download
FI9805W V- 24.1MB download
FI9804W V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9804W V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9804W V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9804W V- 12.2MB download
FI9804W V- 20.4MB download
FI9804W V- 16.9MB download
FI9805E V-2.x.1.119_20150316 11.8MB download
FI9805E V-2.x.1.118_20141222 11.8MB download
FI9805E V-2.x.1.10_20140516 6.88MB download
FI9805E V- 12.2MB download
FI9805E V- 16.6MB download
FI9805E V- 16.4M download
FI9821W V- 7.02MB download
FI9818W V- 7.01MB download
FI9801W,FI9802W V- 7.02MB download
FI9820W V3. 8.92MB download
FI8608W V3. 8.91MB download
FI8620 V3. 9.20MB download
FI8601W V3. 9.21MB download
FI8602W V3. 9.21MB download
FI9821EP V-2.x.2.18-20150914 19.5MB download